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The Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan e-Book

Tom Clairmont

You can launch your online personal brand business in 90 days.

"90 days, Tom? Why not 30 days? I'll be up and running a lot quicker."

Yes, you could be up and running a lot quicker. You could launch your business in 2 days if you wanted to. How about one day?'d be taking one step forward and two steps back for quite some time if you didn't have a solid foundation in place.

Finding out after the fact that you should have done this or that, and then all those other things..."Oh yeah. I forgot about that," will be a reoccurring theme.

Let's avoid all of those pending surprises, discouragement and delay.

Inside this e-Book is a simple, 7 point strategy for launching your online business.

Save time, money and a lot of frustration when you launch your online business with a roadmap.

Having a solid foundation in place will help you to become more profitable quicker and allow you to do the things you love to do, instead of all the things you don't.

Before you can hit the ground running with your new online business, you'll need a good overall view of the online 'landscape,' so you'll have a better understanding of what key components you'll need to have.

This e-Book will give you that 'helicopter' view of the 7 core 'Building Blocks' as they're commonly called:

  1. Your Vision-Where you want to go and how you’ll get there
  2. Your Copy or Copywriting-the words you use to sell stuff
  3. Products/Services-how you can help people solve their problem
  4. Your Website-open for business-who you are and what you offer
  5. Your Branding- The 3 V’s- the Verbal, Visual and Values identity that you have
  6. Your Marketing-opening the relationship with the target audience
  7. Your Email list-building the relationship further

Jump-start your success.

Launch faster. Launch smarter.

Turn your dream into a reality.'ll get a download link to the free 90 Day Launch Worksheets so you can maximize the e-Book learning for better results!

100% money back guarantee!


Q. 'Do I have to follow the exact same order in launching my business as what you have in the book?

A. No. Although I recommend following the order I have in the e-Book so that you follow a certain progression, it's not mandatory. You can do these steps in the order that best fits your individual situation.

Q. Do you cover the topic of having an online shopping cart?

A. No. I used to help businesses with shopping carts, but not any more. This course does not cover shopping carts.

Q. Why don’t you cover the legal and financial aspects of the online business launch?

A. I like to leave the legal and financial parts of the business to the legal and financial experts. This e-Book does not cover ‘everything you need to know about having an online business.’

Your online business needs to have a strong foundation. That's what this e-Book is all about, and it will improve your chances of success.

A little about me....

I'm Tom Clairmont and I launched NET Essentials Inc. in 2002 when I quit my job in Information Technology. Although I was immediately profitable, I struggled with the startup process and didn't have a plan in place, just a fantasy 'business plan'.

In 2019, I converted my business model to match my current skillset of coaching and consulting for online businesses.

I launched a Podcast 'Small Business Startup Essentials' that can be heard on 10 different platforms all around the world and also added 'Podcast Launch' to my coaching and consulting list of services.

I've enjoyed a solid income from my online business generating over 6 figures from both active and passive income. I can show you how to get started online as well so you can enjoy the same.

My perspective revolves around this one theme:

If I can do it, then so can you.

So...let's get started and turn your dream into a reality.

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Inside, is a simple, 7 point strategy for launching your personal brand business. you'll first get a helicopter view of what's needed to launch, then, we'll take a deeper dive into the core aspects to show you step by step what needs to be done. Go from 0-launch in 90 days.

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The Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan e-Book

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