The Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan

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The Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan

Tom Clairmont

You can launch your online personal brand business in 90 days.

Inside this e-Book is a simple, 7 point strategy for launching your personal brand business.

Save time, money and a lot of frustration when you launch your online business.

Having a solid foundation in place will help you to become more profitable quicker and allow you to do the things you love to do, instead of all the things you don't.

Before you can hit the ground running with your new personal brand business, you'll need a good overall view of the online 'landscape,' so you'll have a better understanding of what key components you'll need to have.

This e-Book will give you that 'helicopter' view of the 7 core 'Building Blocks' as Tom likes to call them. Your:

  1. Your Vision-Where you want to go and how you’ll get there
  2. Your Copy or Copywriting-the words you use to sell stuff
  3. Products/Services-how you can help people solve their problem
  4. Your Website-open for business-who you are and what you offer
  5. Your Branding- The 3 V’s- the Verbal, Visual and Values identity that you have
  6. Your Marketing-opening the relationship with the target audience
  7. Your Email list-building the relationship further

Jump-start your success.

Launch faster. Launch smarter.

Turn your dream into a reality.

PLUS...you'll get a download link to the free 'Quick Start Checklist' so you can maximize the e-Book learning for better results!

100% money back guarantee!

I want this!

Inside, is a simple, 7 point strategy for launching your personal brand business. you'll first get a helicopter view of what's needed to launch, then, we'll take a deeper dive into the core aspects to show you step by step what needs to be done. Go from 0-launch in 90 days.

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