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Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan Course

Tom Clairmont
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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing: The Simple, Step-By-Step Roadmap for Launching Your Own Online Business

"Quit your job and start a business" people say. OK...after the 'quit your job' part, what then? It's sooo easy to tell people to 'start a business', but who's going to guide them through the process of having a solid business foundation so that it's actually a REAL business and not an expensive hobby?


You're not alone. If others can do it, then so can you.

Yes! You’ve finally decided that you want to have your own business doing what you love to do. This is long overdue. No matter what other people might be saying or thinking (who really knows, right?), this is what YOU want.

But, if you don't know where to start, this course is for you.

"Attention is the new oil. Solopreneurs looking to grow their business online can strike oil, but they first need to understand their audience. Clairmont gives a clear and valuable 7 step playbook to help solopreneurs define, serve and leverage their target audience. If you're struggling with putting the pieces of the puzzle together, start here!"
Dennis Geelan, Author of The Accidental Solopreneur

Following The Roadmap

You’ve been thinking about this for awhile and even though you don’t have the whole plan mapped out yet, that’s ok. You already know that you can’t have it all planned out to the letter anyway, so why waste the time in trying?

Plans change, decisions change, the consumer demands change, finances change, relationships change… you get all that. But you also get that you should have some sort of a roadmap to refer to over and over again so that through all the changes, the overall plan…the overall goal still keeps you travelling in the right direction.

It's Time To Take Action!

You’ve probably read some good books on starting a business, but books can only bring you so far. And so can Google...and watching endless YouTube videos (and any other Internet search you can do).

You don’t need more convincing. You don’t need more inspiration. You just need someone to tell you what the key components of an online business are and how to get them done.

But at some point, you have to learn by doing. You have to move forward, make decisions, see what happens, fix what needs fixing and keep moving forward. Little by little, day by day. This business won’t launch on its own. It won’t bring in clients or sell products by itself.

You could hire someone to run your business (expensive AND risky)…or, you can believe in yourself and have confidence that you can do this. If tens of thousands of others in your situation figured out a way to be successful in business, then you can too.

Let’s Get to Work

I’m here to help you through the launch process. I’ll give you your roadmap in real world, actionable steps.

But some people can have apprehensions to how they’ll be perceived on the Internet. Website content, social media content, emails that are going out. What will people think? Well, I’ve come to the point of just telling myself ‘who cares?’ I’m going to present the real me and that’s all there is to it.

So…FINALLY, you’ve decided to start your own business. Well, jump on the entrepreneur train and hang on. We’re going to have quite a ride together.

Let’s get to work!"

Inside this online course is a simple, 7 point strategy for launching your online business. With 19 videos crammed with 3 hours of instruction, at a pace that will keep you engaged, PLUS a wide variety of bonus material, this course is critical for your launch success.

Save time, money and a lot of frustration when you launch your online business with a roadmap.

Having a solid foundation in place will help you to become more profitable quicker and allow you to do the things you love to do, instead of all the things you don't.

Before you can hit the ground running with your new online business, you'll need a good overall view of the online 'landscape,' so you'll have a better understanding of what key components you'll need to have.

This e-Book will give you that 'helicopter' view of the 7 core 'Building Blocks' as they're commonly called:

  1. Your Vision-Where you want to go and how you’ll get there (30 minutes)
  2. Your Copy or Copywriting-the words you use to sell stuff (19 minutes)
  3. Products/Services-how you can help people solve their problem (30 minutes)
  4. Your Website-open for business-who you are and what you offer (24 minutes)
  5. Your Branding- The 3 V’s- the Verbal, Visual and Values identity that you have (18 minutes)
  6. Your Marketing-opening the relationship with the target audience (25 minutes)
  7. Your Email list-building the relationship further (23 minutes)

Jump-start your success. Launch faster. Launch smarter.

Turn your dream into a reality.

Bonus Content

Don't miss the awesome bonus content at the end that will help you to launch faster and smarter.

  • Becoming a LinkedIn Influencer Strategy Checklist (My Top Tips)
  • Nick Kolenda's Research in Psychology for Business- (COMPRESSED FILE-Multiple pdf's included)
  • Book Summaries Free Download (Some of the books I've enjoyed compressed down for you)
  • The Tools We Use (My favorite online tools I use to run my business)
  • Additional Resources and Tools (Part 2)
  • The 22 Laws of Digital Writing (Top Copywriting Tips)

Additional Support

If you need help along the way, there are multiple support options for you.

Watch the course Introduction Video HERE.

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You'll get 3 hours of video (16 separate videos), downloadable worksheets that you can use as you watch the videos and BONUS material that will help to jumpstart your online business launch (things that I had when I started).


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Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan Course

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